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Best Time to Visit Japan

Japan has four properly demarcated seasons; Japan is a joy to visitors no matter which time of the year they visit. With its diverse geography and climate, every season brings something delightful and unmissable. It's not very easy to say the best time to visit Japan.

Spring in Japan || March to May || (Cherry Blossom season)

When you think of Japan and one immediately thinks of the delicate pink cherry blossoms that carpet entire avenues and leave one wonderstruck with its quiet and perfect beauty. Spring is the time when cherry blossoms light up trees and cover the ground in pink and white sakura petals. It's common to see people come together for hanami picnics which are entirely dedicated just to blossom viewing.

The Japan National Tourism Organisation offers a bloom tracker which you can use to see when the cherry blossoms will reach full bloom each year as the date changes based on weather and location. For most people, the cherry blossoms are reason enough to make it the best time to go to Japan.

Best time to visit Alpine Route: Walk On the 'Roof of Japan' Tour ||April to June

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a single day mountain traverse where you take 8 different modes of transportation. Walk next to a 7-meter snow wall in the springtime, visit Japan's highest dam, and travel through mountains on an electric bus.

How long does the Tateyama Alpine Route take?

Traversing the entire 90 km route takes about 6 to 7 hours for the average guest.

Where does the route start and end?

Summer in Japan || The Hot and Humid Season || June to September

Summer in Japan is hot and humid. This might be best time to visit Japan, it certainly has its own merits. For one, there are some amazing festivals that take place during this time, right on the streets. Like the Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri, one of the biggest festivals in Tokyo where processions are taken down the streets on palanquins and observers throw water on the procession. It can get wet and noisy soon enough!

Autumn in Japan || September to November

Autumn is another beautiful time to visit Japan, when trees turn red and gold and all shades of russet from September to November. It is great to visit Nara, Kyoto or Nikko where you can enjoy all these beautiful colours and freeze them in your mind forever. Certainly, many will agree that this is the best time to visit Japan, especially because of the many cultural events that take place too.

Autumn is the best time to try the famed kaiseki cuisine, so it's probably the best time to go to Japan.

Winter in Japan || December to March

From December to March, Japan can get quite cold. Most places get a lot of snow and if you can't tolerate cold climes very well, then it’s probably not the best time to travel to Japan.

Here are some of the seasons you should avoid visiting Japan:

Rainy season in Japan || June to mid-July

Japan's rainy season is from June to mid-July and it's the time when most of Japan's annual rainfall takes place. The weather is cloudy and overcast and a little depressing as well. Most people avoid travelling to Japan for a holiday during this time.

Typhoon season in Japan ||August - September

Japan sees typhoons with heavy winds and rains at the end of August and in September. It's advisable not to travel to Japan at this time because tours as well as outdoor events such as festivals get cancelled and you'll feel cheated of all the wonderful holiday experiences.